Which Platform Should You Try To Get Organic Sales?

You have a product/service and want to get organic sales but you are confused about which platform you should choose to start getting organic sales.

After reading this article you will be 100% clear about which platform should you choose. either you want to promote your own product/service or you want to work for a client.

Today we are going to compare:-

  • Own Website(SEO)
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

 In terms of:-

  • Audience
  • Deep Competitor Analysis
  • Expertise and interest
  • Resources


Simple method to know your audience size (Competitor’s Audience Analysis)

I am sharing a step-by-step process to check your audience which you can get from search:-

1. Find the leader of your industry.

Pepperfry.com is a known brand in India for online furnitures. So we are using it for example.

2. Put its website on SimilarWeb(free to use).

3. Find the exact search traffic.

Total Traffic:- 3.12 Million per month

Traffic from search:- 53.86%

Audience size from search:- 1.68 Million per month

If we take minimum conversion rate of 1% then

Sales:- 16800 per month

It is the simplest method you can use to find your potential audience.

                                                Step-by-step process to find your audience on LinkedIn:-

1. Find the leader in your industry:-

Wework is a worldwide known brand for coworking or office spaces. So we are using it for example   

2. Check its following:-

Audience Size:- 742K

Wework is regularly sharing good quality content and great offers to its linkedin profile so we can take minimum conversion of 0.2%.

Sales:- 1484 high paying customers per month.

Same method you can use on instagram(rvcjinsta), youtube(wifistudy), twitter(Nike) and facebook(rvcj).

Note:- Examples are given in brackets.

Which type of audience a platform have?

Own website(SEO):- You can cater almost any type of audience through seo because if a  person needs something he will definitely search it on google.

Instagram:- Products who people find attractive like Fashion accessories etc. sell good on instagram.

Facebook:- Almost every people use facebook right now but conversion of B2C products/service is better than B2B.

Linkedin:- If you have a product/service which professionals use then you should try linkedin.

Youtube:- Second biggest search engine after google so here you can promote any product you want.

Twitter:- Twitter can be helpful for branding and website traffic that tends to sales.

Deep Competitor Analysis

After getting audience insight you need to do deep competitor research I explain the step by step process.

As we know pepperfry.com is one of the most successful website in furniture industry and getting good amount of traffic and sales through SEO but what about its instagram.

It has 147k followers means it is also generating sales from instagram?


If you check their Instagram you know that the brand popularity of Pepperfry is the cause of their followers not of their Instagram strategy. Because 147k followers are still not good to compare to its traffic.

I think Pepperfry should also use Instagram cleverly. If Pepperfry posts images of premium-quality furniture on Instagram then it can get a good following and sales also. I will tell you ahead why am I saying this.

Another example of rvcj (A media Company):- They have good following on insta and getting good conversion but when it comes to their linkedin profile.

They have only 2.7k followers.

Very low because they know LinkedIn is not the right platform to promote their service. I explained to you in the audience section which products sell well on that platform these two examples prove that. 

So we can’t promote every product on every platform. The audience has a different mindset on different platforms.

Key learnings:-

  1. Use that platform that your competitors are using. They are using it because they are getting results.
  2. I told you that Pepperfry is not using Instagram. You can learn from it if your competitor is missing any important platform use it.

Expertise and Interest

Now we have got our targeted audience and also some good platforms to promote our product/service. But it is not our goal we want to choose only one platform.

Here this next step comes.

If we assume that Pepperfry is our competitor then we have two options, Instagram and our own website (SEO). In this process to choose the best platform now, you need to analyze yourself.

Ask this question to yourself.

What can I do best?

  1. Content Writing
  2. Video Creation
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. Effective short sentence writing.

“You can do SEO but first you need to know about writing quality content.”

“You can grow a youtube channel but you should know how to speak in front of the camera? and how to create a good video.”

“Instagram users want the attractive type of content it can be a good photo, graphics, attractive quote, good video, etc.”

“Twitter and LinkedIn users want short and effective writing.”

“You should choose the platform according to your strength.”

Now you have choosen the platform. But

Is it right? Not sure.

Just read this last section to final this research.


Time is the most important resource you need to invest for getting organic sales.

Rvcj media pvt. lmt. has published 71k post in last 3 years

Means 65 posts per day

Think twice!!

  1. Do you have time to publish 65 posts per day for 3 years?
  2. Do you have a team to this for you?
  3. Do you have a budget to sustain it?
  4. Do you have enough time?

If yes then huge success is waiting for you just start it today.

But if you can’t post 65 posts per day then?

Here comes the rule of quality over quantity.

As you can see that Business Mentor Growth has 379k followers with just 755 posts


So now find some new competitors like business mentor growth learn from them and create your own customized strategy for your business.

Key Learnings:-

  1. You can choose the top most competitor to analyse your audience size but probably his strategy can’t be good for you.

Sum Up:-

  1. Find your exact audience size.
  2. Research your competitors.
  3. Find your interest and expertise.
  4. Check your resources.
  5. Create your own strategy.
  6. Work on it.

Now I am sure if you follow all points then you will be successful one day.


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