How To Promote Instagram Post?

If you have created your Instagram profile and posting amazing content, and you are not getting engagement.

You need to promote your post in a right way.

You can reach large audiences with Instagram promotion.

It happens

Just you need to follow some simple techniques. Here is the list of these techniques


Well, shoutout is voluntarily or occupationally directing the attention to a particular individual or organization. 

It is actually the same with Shoutouts on Instagram, it can be either sponsored or free

You can do shoutouts by following some simple steps.

I explain

Find the different Instagram accounts who have good following and same audience like yours.

Then ask them to share some of your post and your account with their audience.

If their audience will like your content then they will definitely follow you.


You can pay them some amount or you both can agree to share the account of each other.

A good shoutout can give you a large number of followers at a time. This is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to generate followers on Instagram.


I think paid advertisement is one of the easiest and quickest ways to promote your content and gain followers.

You can see that some popular brands are also using paid advertisements to increase their followers. I am giving you some examples

Louis Vuitton


For paid advertisement you can hire an agency or you can do it by yourself after getting some basic knowledge.

I explain

The process is so simple.

First create your facebook business account.

Setup ads.

Ad budget

Get followers immediately.

You can find some detailed tutorials on the Internet.

But I suggest you one thing if you know how to run ads, or you have time to learn that’s good.

But If you don’t know, or you don’t have time then just outsource it to a good agency. Because if you try to run ads without any knowledge or experience you can lose your money.


Collaboration is the best way to promote your brand.

Your collaboration partner can shoutout your products through an Instagram post in exchange for share from your account. 

It’s simple, it’s easy to perform, and it’s effective.

You can team up with other brand pages and tell them to share your posts.

Your posts will show up on their page.

Your collaboration partner can tag your page and people can see.

In return, you have to tag and share their page on your instagram handles. 

In this way, you will both get benefits from each other’s followers.

Live sessions

Going Live on Instagram is one of the most direct and unfiltered ways to connect with your community.

It is great for showing the more authentic side of your brand. 

As you know, it is a huge opportunity for brands to provide support and entertainment for their community in a new and creative way. 

Let me tell you, it is a very simple process.

Go live on your page

Tell the people to check our post and share them.

You can connect with different brand pages on live to get more reach.

People can interact with you during your live.

Community Building

Community building is generally about creation or enhancement of community among individuals.

It is the best way to gain brand loyalty, boost engagement, and stay connected to your customers.

You can do this by a simple process. Read below.

Just reach out to new people and tell them that you want to build a community with them.

You just need to DM people or brands like you. If they agree

Tell them to like, share and tag your page in their Instagram handles.

After this show some engagement on their posts also.

From this way, people can see your page and reach there.

It is a long term strategy to gain long time reach.

Contest and Giveaway

 One thing I want to tell you that contests and giveaways are both excellent ways to get your brand some exposure. 

I’ve seen a lot of companies using a contest strategy with resounding success. 

It is too simple to create a contest that get results.

First create some basic rules

Choose your Contest Type, Details and Prize

Design your contest

Promote your contest

Track your results

You can follow the steps outlined, and you’ll be running high-performing contests and giveaways in minutes.

Don’t forget to add all type of engagement in criteria. To win that contest or giveaway people will have to like, comment and share your post. So it’ll provide you good reach and followers ultimately.

If you can’t create a proper giveaway by yourself, you can take the help of some tools.

There are many tools to create giveaways like



Email Marketing

Can you imagine that email marketing can also help you to increase your followers.

Don’t know?

I tell you

This technique is helpful for those who have a website usually website owners collect emails of their users.

If you have collected the emails of your audience.

Just prepare a plan to make them your Instagram followers.

I share you some ideas.

You can tell them to participate in a giveaway after following your Instagram account.

You can tell them that you are going to launch a product or service and details will be share on Instagram so follow us on Instagram.

Likewise, you can tell them that you post awesome content on Instagram that you are missing so follow us.

Also, you can tell them that we exclusively provide some discounts to our Instagram followers, so it can be beneficial for you to follow us.

You can use Mailchimp for email marketing to make your effort easy.

Share on your website or blog

As we know, every social platform has its own best practices.

Every website and blog has its unique type of audience.

When an audience will search something on a particular blog or website they can see your post there.

You just have to share the particular post that you want to promote and people can simply click there to reach your post.

If your blog or website is getting good traffic then there is a huge chance that some of those can follow you on Instagram. 

Share with pages

As you know, people make so many Instagram that share specific type of content like some bodybuilding pages share photos of bodybuilders.

bodybuilding common page ss

These Instagram pages can help you a lot in promoting your posts.

I tell you the process

First find the pages which are sharing content like yours, but they are not brand pages

Contact them and so you content

Ask them to upload your brand or post on their page.

They will tag you in that post

People will see your post on their page and will know about you.

If they like then they can directly come to your page by seeing your post on another page.

This is another easy approach you can acquire to promote your post.

Make a video and share on different platforms

Many study show that people attract more with video content.

Your video can attract more audience to your page.

Let me tell you the simple process that how you can do this

Here are the steps, please read carefully

Select some good photos.

Create a video after combining those photos.

ss of combined photo video from youtube

The video should include your username at the bottom.

Just post the video on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube and etc.

Give the link of your Instagram profile in description and caption.

If people like your video then they can come to your profile.

You can use tools below.



These tools can help you to create attractive videos of your post.


When it comes to Instagram promotion, you have lots of tactics to experiment with.

I shared best and proven strategies here.

If you successfully use some of them then you can see a huge jump in followers.

Good Luck!