32 Ways To Earn From Your Followers

You have a good folllowing on Instagram but struggling with efficiently monetizing it.

Then this article is for you.

In this article I am eexplaining 32 awesome ways that can help you to monetize your audiance.

Let’s dive into it…

1. Publish Sponsored Posts

Instagram is a platform where many business owners and famous brands can promote their products through someone else’s Instagram account.

To do this, business owners have to find an Instagram account that has many followers (10k + followers).

And when they get such an Instagram account with many followers, they contact the owner of that Instagram account.

So that he/she can promote their brand or their product.

And to do this work, Business Owners pay money.

So if you have an Instagram account with many Instagram followers, then there is a good chance for you to earn money from your Instagram followers.

All you have to do is promote another Brand product to your Instagram account by posting a photo of that brand product in your Instagram account. 

As you may be aware, you may be aware that influencer marketing of Instagram is a very good way to earn money, the followers of Instagram followers.

Let me tell you this more clearly.

If you are an Instagram influencer, then you will have a good amount of followers also.

Some of them will also trust you a lot.

And you have to take advantage of the trust of these followers.

You have to publish sponsored posts.

But you must have kept this thing that you publish the same sponsored post that is useful and relevant for your followers.

It will boost your engagement, and you will get more sponsorship, by which you will earn a lot of money from your followers.

2. Earn a commission by selling other brands’ products

In this approach, you provide helpful information about products or solutions the buyer is searching for. And you refer him to online spots where he can find the best offers for his query.

People tend to do some research before they buy something online. And usually, they search for helpful information about a product from a user’s perspective.

And you know what, you can earn money from this.

All you have to do is collaborate with other brands, and you have to sell their products on your Instagram ID.

And when your followers buy their product through you, you will get a small commission from the price of that product.

For example

You collaborate with a company that sells clothes.

After this, you have to post the photo and link of the product (clothe) of that company to your Instagram.

And then you, some of your Instagram followers, bought that product.

When your followers buy a product of another brand through you, you will get a little commission from that product.

That’s all.

3. Sell visual products

Instagram is all about the visuals, and because of this, beautiful products and photos will get more sales. 

You can also sell poster photos, paintings, drawings, animations, videos, and other image or video-based virtual products. 

Just add an interesting caption and refer readers to visit the link in your bio on each post. 

So if you are a digital marketer or an eCommerce website owner, you can sell your products on Instagram and earn money from your followers.

Let me tell you this more clearly.

On Instagram, you have to post links and photos of the product that you want to sell.

After this, some of your followers will buy that product, by which you will earn money.

4. Offering a paid service

You can offer any kind of paid service in your Instagram account to your followers.

And when you complete the service, your followers have to pay you for the service you have completed.

Let me explain this to you more clearly.

Think like you are an artist and make a very good sketch.

You have to create an account in which you will sketch your followers.

You have to tell your followers that you will sketch a follower that will tell you to make a sketch of his/her and in return he/she pays money for that sketch.

This is how you can earn money from your Instagram followers by offering them paid service.

5. Selling licenses for your photography or videos

If you are a photographer and take good photos or make good videos, you can also sell those photos and videos to your followers on your Instagram account.

By doing this, you can earn a good amount of money through your followers.

Let me tell you what you have to do.

Decide a niche in which you can do good photography and can also make good videos.

After that, post those videos and photos on Instagram.

In the caption, Write, “this photo and video are for sale”.

If any of your followers liked that photo and video, then he/she will buy that photo from you, by which you will earn money.

This is one of the best ways to earn money from your Instagram followers.

6. Promote Affiliate Links in your Instagram account

Affiliates make money through a trackable link or a promo code to ensure that you know exactly which sales came directly from your posts.

If you are doing affiliate marketing of an e-commerce website, then you can share the link of the product of that affiliate marketing platform on your Instagram.

In each post, make sure to tell people they can buy the product via the link in your bio. And create a fun Instagram caption to make it sound like fewer sales. 

With this, your followers will click on that link and will see that product.

If your followers liked that product, then they will buy that product.

And when your followers purchase that product, you will earn a commission.

7. Sell books written by you

If you are a good writer and write very good books, you can sell those books to Instagram followers.

You have to keep in mind that what you have written is very interesting and your followers will like it.

You can collect relevant blog posts into an order that makes sense, make any needed edits so that references that aren’t relevant are taken out, and add an introduction and conclusion, and you’re done. 

You can write shorter books for Amazon and sell them at lower price points ranging from $2.99 to $4.99, and people prefer ebooks that are shorter with more focused niche topics. 

Now let me tell you how you can sell books to your Instagram followers.

Go to your Instagram account.

Post the photo of your book.

In the caption, tell what your book is about (don’t tell the full story).

In the caption, paste the link from where your followers can buy your book.

Please do not post that photo.

8. Become a Brand Ambassador of a brand

So as I told you above, you can earn money from your Instagram followers by publishing sponsored posts.

But you will also know that you can’t get daily sponsor posts, due to which you cannot earn money from your Instagram followers.

But if you become the brand ambassador of a brand, you earn money daily from your Instagram followers by sharing that brand’s product.

And when you become a brand ambassador, you can post a sponsored post daily by which you earn money from your followers daily.

To become a brand ambassador of a company, you must have a good number of followers In your Instagram account.

If you have a good number of followers on Instagram, let me tell you how you can become a Brand Ambassador of a brand on Instagram.

Make a unique brand name.

Engage with your target audience.

Must have at least 100k followers on your Instagram account.

9. Create Visual Content for Sale.

Visual content is important for creating content that can help a company stand out and attract a target audience.

And that’s why many business owners and big brand owners at Instagram are looking for people who can create good visual content for the company or their brand to promote their business product or their brand on Instagram to engage their target audience.

As a visual content creator, you can create unlimited, top-quality images and upload them on Instagram, and people can then purchase your images.

So if you create good visual content, you have a good chance of earning money from your visual content through your Instagram followers.

All you have to do is that you have posted very good visual content on your Instagram account.

After this, when your followers will see your visual content and your visual content, they will hire you to make visual content for their company.

And when you make visual content for his company, he will give you money for this work.

10. Offer Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is an online marketing method that utilizes different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to establish brand recognition, capture customers’ attention and connect brands with a broader, more diverse audience segment. 

As you know, Instagram is a platform where many brands promote their products.

So that is why those brands are looking for social media marketing services or social media marketers.

These social media marketing services have a lot of demand on Instagram to promote those brands’ products properly.

All you have to do is provide professional social media marketing services that will benefit the brands.

If you want to offer your expertise but don’t want to create a full-fledged Skillshare class, you can offer up marketing services.

In social media marketing, you have to promote the product of other brands in a quite well way.

And if that brand likes your social media marketing service, then they will pay you for it.

11. You can write captions for other Businesses

You can use your expertise to write good Instagram captions.

If you’re good at coming up with creative Instagram captions, you can sell your services to these companies. Just remember, they’ll judge you by your ability to write engaging short-form copy.

To get the attention of business owners, write and put up some captions on your account. Then include the ones that generate the most engagement in your portfolio. 

Generally, this work is done by a freelancer who writes caption on Instagram for brands and if the brands like the caption written by the freelancer, then the brand pays the freelancer.

12. Earn money by making Instagram Stories Masks and Filters

More than 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day or build them, and this is because this type of content is available for a short time.

Due to this, the brand becomes involved, and advertisers can reach their target audience more effectively.

And when brands get involved in this, they start looking for those who can create Instagram Stories Masks and Filters on Instagram.

So if you have creativity, then it is the perfect time for you to become Instagram Stories Masks and Filters maker.

You can create different types of masks and filters through Spark AR Studio.

Later you can sell your masks and filters to other brands on Instagram to earn money.

13. Find Freelance Clients

You must know that Instagram has billions of users, and among those billions of users, many users are doing Freelancing on Instagram.

You have to go for the niches that you can add value to with your skills, and you will feel energized and excited about collaborating with your client as a byproduct.

You can do different types of Freelancing.

You can write articles for someone’s website or any brand, for which later that website or brand will give you money.

To find the client, make sure you are following these things.

Be genuine and try not to sound desperate.

Don’t expect everyone to reply or be interested in working with you. Do expect to send out a lot of DMs.

Do some AB testing with your words to figure out what gives you the best return.

You can become a freelance cake maker if you know how to make a cake.

You can talk to your client through Instagram and take their orders, and later you have to deliver their order. After that, you will get the money for your work.

14. Package your expertise in a digital product and sell it to your Instagram audience

If you are an expert in something, then convert it into a digital product and sell it to your Instagram followers.

For example: If you are an expert in programming and you feel that you can teach programming to others, then you have to make a programming video course, and after that, you will have to post the video to your Instagram account and write in the caption DM. For More Paid Programming Courses.

After this, if your followers liked your video and have an interest in your course, they will contact you to buy a copy of that video from you in which you have given training in a programming language.

Similarly, if you are an expert in some other things, then by converting those things into digital products, you can earn money from your followers.

15. Beef up your YouTube audience with Instagram videos

Instagram and YouTube are a great match. Both are highly visual platforms that focus on the graphical content of their users.

YouTube has a well-defined framework for rewarding the best performers. 

Although Instagram does not provide the ease of centralized Adsense monetization, it does provide a great way to advertise your YouTube channel.

You can also use Instagram to share teaser trailers for your YouTube videos. This will continue to generate momentum for your full-scale YouTube productions.

Instagram will be used for successful YouTubers to communicate with their audiences. They will also solicit suggestions for upcoming videos from their fans.

16. Sell Your Products

Many such creators on Instagram send their products on Instagram and earn money from their followers.

So just like this, you can also earn money from your Instagram followers.

All you have to do is to post a photo of the product you want to sell on Instagram; in the caption, you will have to tell some things about that product and the price of that product in the caption.

And if one of your Instagram followers likes your product, then he/she will contact you, and he/she will buy that product from you.

Here is a short example for you so you can understand this more clearly.

You make sketches.

You make such good sketches that people like your sketches very much.

So all you have to do is that you will have to post some photos of your sketches on Instagram and write in the caption DM for Paid Sketches.

After this, some of your followers will contact you to buy some sketches from you.

17. Sell your photos

Instagram is a photo-sharing app at its core. And photos are assets that can be licensed, printed, and sold in a variety of ways.

As you know, Instagram is used by billions of people, and some users in billions post good photos on Instagram and earn from their Instagram followers.

So if you are among these people who do a lot of good photography, it can be a good opportunity to earn money from your Instagram followers.

All you have to do is to select your best photos and post those photos on Instagram.

And in the caption, write DM for paid photos.

You have to take the initiative and offer your audience the opportunity to buy your photography from you.

If your Instagram followers liked your photos, they will contact you, pay you money, and buy those photos.

18. Affiliate marketing through Instagram shoutouts

An Instagram shoutout can be a screenshot of another user’s profile page uploaded to your account to show support and expose the other user. 

Shoutouts can increase a user’s followers and provide advertising to small businesses and websites.

I am explaining how you can earn from it.

If your follower base on Instagram is good, you can do affiliate marketing on your Instagram account.

In other words,

You have to give a shot out of the product of a brand in your Instagram account.

You just have to charge money to promote their page or brand on your profile.

Due to which the product of that brand will be sold, and you will get some share from the price of the product of that brand.

You can also use the Instagram shoutout app 



19. Sell from your online store

When you sell your stuff, you just don’t have to worry about interference from other brands into your posting strategy.

There are many ideas you can go for. Read below to know about them.

You can go for a print-on-demand service to print and sell your customized t-shirts, pillows, coffee mugs, wall art, and more.

You can sell your services, such as photography or consulting, using your bio to direct interested people to a contact email or a link to your professional website.

You can also use your Instagram account to launch a business selling your original products or even a book.

For doing this, you have to follow the procedure 

I am explaining.

You have to enable product tags and product stickers to get an amazing experience from Instagram Stories and posts to make your products more seamless and fluid. 

You also have to switch to an Instagram business account, have a Facebook page, and an approved Facebook shop.

20. Become an Instagram marketing consultant

Nowadays, social media is on a boom, and the number of your followers decide your popularity on Instagram. 

And if you have the right knowledge, then you can use it perfectly.

I am explaining

If you are interested in making Instagram your profession, then I have a great career option for you. You can become an Instagram marketing consultant.

To become an Instagram marketing consultant, you need to have huge knowledge and experience about how Instagram works.

You need to decide what content will derive the best outcome on your Instagram. First of all, you need to have a social media content strategy for your marketing project.

Now, you need to handle and create engaging content for your marketing gig. Here is an example.

You have to review and analyze the progress reports of the marketing campaigns to make sure they will be a success.

21. Market your Airbnb on Instagram

It’s a powerful marketing tool that lets guests see what your Airbnb is about instantly.

Since Instagram has become a new place for marketers, Companies are finding various ways of marketing on Instagram.

With many Airbnb hosts experiencing little to no bookings in this period, take this time to get your Instagram account looking great.

You can get guests clicking over to your Airbnb listing and saving you to their favourites.

Here is the best method to market your Airbnb on Instagram

Give them an Airbnb tour

Nothing can attract more audiences than enticing photos to your audience. Give your audience insight into how your Airbnb looks.

Make a video or a photo of your Airbnb. Show your audience what you are getting on your trip.

Make sure that you are uploading all the breathtaking views from the window also.

Make them see your neighbourhood also

Don’t forget to make your audience see how interesting things you have near you. If there is a nice café or restaurant near you, let your viewers know about it.

Add a picture and engaging content relating to it to attract more audience.

22. Travel, post your beautiful pictures on Instagram and build a consulting business around it

Do you like travelling a lot? Do you want to choose a profession related to it?

Then, it can be a great option for you to choose from. Open a consulting business via Instagram.

Make a business page on Instagram and start a consulting business. If you like travelling a lot, start uploading attractive pictures on Instagram.

Start gaining Instagram followers to attract more audience on Instagram. Now you can start a business that can be related to travelling.

E.g., you can start a consulting business for finding the best property in different areas or the best products for marketing.

You can start posting content related to your business on Instagram. This way you can tell them how to contact you for their requirements.

23. Make Money on Instagram by Dropshipping Products

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. 

You can start making money on Instagram by dropshipping products. With the dropshipping method, you can start a business using third-party sellers to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that you don’t have to stock or own inventory.

Let me tell you how it is done:

Start gaining Instagram followers to make your business a success.

Contact a third-party seller. 

Tell them your business scheme and convince them how your Instagram followers will help them in increasing the sale.

Start posting engaging content that will attract more customers.

Get orders from clients and deliver them to the clients using a third party. 

Take orders from the customers along with their complete address. Now, the third-party companies will drop shipping your product.

24. Make Money on Instagram by Selling Your Services

Do you have something special for your audience to buy? Well, you can easily do it using Instagram.

There are many accounts on Instagram that sell services like photography sessions, tattoos, personal training sessions, eyelash extensions, and hairstyling. 

A great way to get yourself out there is by finding accounts within the same niche and geographical area, filter ones with a massive following (10K and upward), and follow as many of their followers as possible.

Let me explain more clearly.

Suppose you have a special service to offer, like a content writing service or a beautician. You can start gaining marketing your services on Instagram.

Post about your work

You can start posting photos and videos about your service. You can go live while performing the service to let your audience know about it.


To bring trust among your audience, you can post testimonials of your clients. Add your client’s videos or their reviews to your Instagram page to bring trust to your customer’s eyes.

25. Run contests and giveaways

So everyone knows that nowadays people are getting a lot of interest in contests and giveaways.

Because in contests and giveaways, people get things for free like smartphones, other electronic stuff, or some kind of discount coupon.

And that’s why many people like contests and giveaways very much.

And you have to take advantage of this.

You have run a contest or giveaway in your Instagram account; you have to give anything for free to one of your followers.

All you have to do is to run a contest or giveaway in your Instagram account.

After this, you have to tell your Instagram followers that you are running a contest or giveaway in your Instagram account in which you will give one thing to one of your followers for free.

After this, your followers will be engaged on your Instagram account.

Now you have to do your contest or giveaway, and you have to take the entry fee for that contest or giveaway from your followers so that your followers can be a part of that contest or giveaway.

Ss of contest or giveaway with free stuff.

So this is how you can earn money from your Instagram followers by doing contests and giveaways in your Instagram account.

26. Capture your portfolio

Instagram is not just for those who want to use Instagram for normal use. Instagram is also for those who are outposts, designers, artists, crafters, and also for those who make very good visual art.

You can turn your profile into a portfolio that earns revenue when you sell sketches, sculptures, jewellery, or something else visual.

Ss of profile with some pics of crafts

Using relevant hashtags to locate new fans. Free sites such as Keyword Tool provide you with a list of the most often used hashtags depending on the product.

It may also contribute to the development of a specific brand. This can also be considered a subject. You can revolve around almost everything on your subject, but all your posts should be clear. Select a colour or season, for example.

You can have a certain amount of time or mood as well. Are you fantastic in your work? Agricultural house?

Are you going to be more modern in the mid-century? Or that the painting is the vintage of the 1920s. There are infinite possibilities.

27. Showcase your freelancing services

If you provide a freelancer and provide freelancing services, then Instagram is a good option to earn money from your Instagram followers through your freelancing work.

All you have to do is that whatever freelancing services you provide, you have to show those services in your Instagram account, through a photo, and post that photo in your Instagram account.

After this, when your followers see your Instagram posts, they will get to know that you provide a freelancing service and if your followers need your freelancing service, then your followers will contact you and do your work by paying you.

28. Become an influencer

People who are paid to recommend products or services on their social media accounts are known as social media influencers. 

Instagram is a great place to develop an influencer business around B2C products because of its image-centric style.

In general, every product that produces a positive picture would do well on Instagram. Fashion, Travel, Health/Fitness, and Cooking are the most common categories for making money on Instagram.

People are also very open to influencer marketing. You will land lucrative collaborations with brands if you have a large audience and the capacity to capture convincing pictures.

You have two key choices for using brands in your Instagram posts as an Instagram influencer: affiliate ads and sponsorships.

Any purchase anyone makes earns you a fee through affiliate marketing. To put it another way, you get a cut on any sale that comes from your Instagram post or profile. 

This will be very effective if a commodity is ideally suited to the target market.

Sponsored posts aren’t the same as regular content. When you name a product in an article, you usually get paid a flat rate.

E.g., you might be paid $100 to write a post about baking with a supporting ingredient. The most successful influencers know how to do so in a manner that seems and sounds natural rather than coerced.

Do the rest of your marketing through paid posts; you’ll make more money on average than with an associate contract. Do affiliate marketing only on a few main brands that the target audience interest in.

29. Test and review products

If you want to earn money from your Instagram followers, this way is one of the best ways to earn money from your Instagram followers, but for this, you will need a lot of Instagram followers.

When you have more Instagram followers, then many friends will contact you and tell you that you have to test their brand’s product and review it in your Instagram account.

For this work, they will give you the price of that product. You will have given a small commission from when you have reviewed that Alwar takes that brand’s product.

30. Find Brands to Partner With

If you succeed as an influencer, you will be able to find brands to collaborate with. This happens anytime an organization wishes to work for you on a long-term basis and produce a minimum amount of posts over time, perhaps forever.

If this sounds fantastic, you may be asking how you can secure a bargain like this.

To become a brand ambassador, you’ll almost certainly need a wide following. After all, businesses expect many people to see their goods, which they won’t get if they work for someone who only has a few hundred followers.

If you have a particular niche, you’re much more likely to be popular. Consider the influencers you track on social media.

You probably follow people who have similar interests as you. Perhaps they’re globetrotters or vegan chefs. You may be a fan of a few beauty blogs or make-up artists.

These are all diverse tastes, but they all share in common a love of visual storytelling. You can take stunning pictures of the finished product while you’re cooking, exploring the country, or putting together chic outfits.

31. Promote Your Online Courses

There are many people on Instagram who provide pain online courses in their Instagram profiles.

There are many types of online courses.

For example, coding courses, animation courses, online coaching courses, etc.

So if you are also an expert in any of the above things, then you too can teach others about these through your paid online course.

All you have to do is to prepare a video in which you will train other people about a particular course and in return they will give you money for this work.

You will find many followers on your Instagram who want to learn these things. All you have to do is to contact them, tell them about your course, and if those followers liked the course, they will give you money and buy a copy of that video of that course from you.

32. Make Money on Instagram With IGTV Ads

IGTV Ads are one of the new and best ways for creators to monetize their IGTV content.

It is an amazing channel for giving brief details for the longer term. 

It is the perfect channel for showcasing products, DIYs, and tutorials — the type of content that resonates with audiences and helps build long-term relationships.

And with monetization options evolving all the time, now is a great time to reconsider your IGTV strategy as a creator.

The process is very easy.

According to Instagram, ads will appear when users click to watch an IGTV video from the preview button in their feed. They will be mobile-optimized, vertical videos and last up to 15 seconds long.

The addition of IGTV ads gives access to creators to a full-fledged money-making platform.


These was some awesome ways to earn money from your followers. You can use any of mentioned above according to your audience.

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