How To Use Instagram Insights To Increase Followers?

What is Instagram Insights?

 Instagram Insights is a characteristic that enables Instagram Business Account users to observe analytics linked to their profiles and posts. 

This data can help you know your audience’s likes and dislikes. It can help you to develop your Instagram strategy.

How can it help you?

Instagram insights allow you to measure the effects of marketing efforts to see if something you require to do another way. That includes:

  • Focus on different Audience
  • Post at a particular time of day
  • Experiment with new content.

Insights are essential for building content tactics that drive outcomes for your brand or any business.

But learning these metrics and terms and how to utilize this data for growth is not an easy thing.

In our Ultimate Guide to using Instagram insights, we will talk about Instagram insights and how you can use this information to build a leading content strategy:

Analyse profile visits

This page shows your insights for a week.

Maybe you have looked at your profile insights before, but you have never gone inside.

Let’s review what you can access here:

Go to insights

Go to the account activity.

Check Profile visits; you can see the total number of profile visits over the week.

By checking profile visits, you can track no. of users coming to your profile every day.

From this, you can see which day of the week has the most profile visits, as well as a comparison from last week.

After this, you can check that which posts you uploaded when you got most profile visits.

Analyse Content Interaction

Just go to current highlights and click on content interactions. 

This action will draw up a page that displays how your content performs in terms of engagement, breaking down the content type metrics.

Here you can see 





Here, likes reflects the number of users who liked your post on a particular day. 

As with likes, comments also show the number of comments left on your post. 

And saves displays the number of various users or accounts who saved your post or clicked the bookmark-like icon.

Now you should check when you got most engagement and which posts you uploaded that day. Now you can increase those types of post which provided you most engagement on a particular day

Analyse Audience

This page reflects how many followers you have obtained or dropped over the past week.

You can also check average time of day when your followers are using Instagram. 

From this Audience tab, you can also better understand who your followers are and where they live.

You can find it through process below.

First navigate back to Recent Highlights and click Followers.

You will then reach the Follower Breakdown page.

Within the Audience tab of Instagram Insights, you’ll find four key sets of information about your followers:


Age Range

Top Locations –based on City and Countries

Active time

By getting these details, you can plan your posts according to their interests and their most active time. Like if they are active at night then you can upload more content at night. And if mostly are female then you can upload content which female like more.

Analyse Discoverability

Well, it displays the overall performance and influence of your Instagram account using two key metrics:

Reach & Impressions

Do you think these two factors are important?

Let me tell you how

Reach shows the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.

Impressions show the total number of times that all your posts have been seen.

This information is highly valuable.

If your profile is getting high reach and impression but one day you get low impression and reach. So you can easily find the reason that may be you uploaded low quality content that day, or you uploaded it on the wrong time.

Analyse clicks

There are many options to check the engagement on your profiles.

I am explaining some clicks below.

Website clicks- It shows the number of times the Audience has clicked on the link tab.

Call/email clicks – the number of times visitors have clicked the call/email button from your profile page.

With this data you can know what your audience wants from you if they click on email button then they want to contact you or if they click more on the website then they want to know more about your products.

Analyse story interactions

Using Instagram Insights for Stories can derive conclusions on the type of content that works best. 

You can check insights for your Instagram stories from the Insights homepage or right from an individual story post.

This is a very simple process.

Let me explain

To view your Story insights, navigate to Insights. 

Scroll down to the “Content You Shared” section on the Recent Highlights page.

Go down on the Stories section, and you can check here.

First, tap one of the blue links at the top of the page to filter stories data by time and action. The actions include

Taps forward

Taps back



Swipes away

Just analyze this data to find out what stories content works best for your Audience and what content is causing them to exit or swipe away. 

You can use these insights to plan future stories content.

Analyse Particular Posts

To check insights for a particular Instagram post, begin by checking your profile. 

Just tap on the post you like to look into, then click “View Insights” below the picture.

These insights indicate the number of actions that users took on your profile due to seeing your post. 

Things like checking your profile, then using an action like go on your website link, or following you.

You can also check

Likes, Comments, Shares, and Saves

By analyzing these matrices you can compare your all posts.

You can know that which type of your posts are getting good engagement and reach. On which type of posts your audience is commenting etc.

Analyse IGTV video interactions

Like with Instagram feed posts, you can view IGTV videos’ performance through Instagram’s Insights tab. 

To reach this data, scroll down to “Content You Shared.” 

Tap the arrow alongside your recent IGTV videos.

By evaluating which videos kept your Audience caught and engaged, you will get a great idea of what content you should continue to upload. 

IGTV videos with the most powerful reach are also essential to remark.

To delve into an individual IGTV video’s insights, tap the three dots at the bottom of a published video and select. 

“View Insights.” 

From there, you can see the number of Views, Likes, Comments, and Saves for your IGTV.

Once you have this data now you can compare your IGTV videos with each other and know which type of videos can perform well also which type of videos should you continue and which type of videos should you drop.


By reading this guide, I think you understood how Instagram Insights can help you know about your audience, your best performing posts etc.

And using the data how can you accelerate your Instagram growth.

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