9 Ways To Get More Leads From Your Facebook Ads

All the markets in the world, whether they are successful markets or unsuccessful marketers, know that Facebook is a very important tool for their business.

Facebook’s active user base is 1.13 billion and you can take advantage of this thing to improve their business.

But in this article, I am not going to talk about Facebook.

Today in this article I am going to tell you what are Facebook Lead Ads and nine ways to get more leads from your Facebook Ads.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

With the help of Facebook Lead Ads, you can find people who have an interest in products and services.  

You can collect contact information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, and more using Facebook Lead Ads.

You can also include specific questions on Facebook Lead Ads to help you understand your potential customers and achieve your business goals.

So here are the nine ways to get more leads from your Facebook Ads:

Include offers that your audience like

Think you are buying a product online from a website.

But at the same time, you come to know that another website is offering a very good offer on that product which you are buying from the website which is not giving an offer.

So as far as I know, if you are getting a good offer which no other website is giving, then you will buy the product from the website which is giving a good offer.

So this is what you have to do with your ads.

People will share their personal information with you only when in return you will offer something good to them.

So you have to keep in mind that your ad should offer some valuable and good offer that is useful to you audience.

Let me explain

Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/archive

You will see a search bar.

Search the ads related to your product.

After the search, many ads will appear.

See what good offers those ads were not offering.

Now start creating your ad.

While creating your ad add the good offer that those ads were not offering.

Now post your ad.

This way you can also get a more paying audience for your product.

Repost the ads that generate the most leads

You guys must have noticed that some marketers repost some of their ads by doing a little bit of editing.

Marketers do this because those ads generated the most leads from the audience before.

And from this, the marketers got to know that if they repost the same ads by doing minor changes in them then the ad will again generate the most leads from the audience.

Let me explain

Go to your Facebook account.

Go to the Ads Manager.

Click on Campaigns

Click on View Chart.

Now you can choose which of your ad got most liked and viewed by the audience.

Repost the ad which got the most likes and views from the audience.

You have to make some minor changes in the ad before reposting.

So this is how you can generate more leads by reposting the ads that generated the most leads.

Test annotated images

Annotated images can help you a lot to generate more leads from the Facebook ad.

But what are annotated images??

A creative image on which the creative text is written is called annotated images.

Now, as you know, people read less nowadays.

In such a situation, annotated images can help to generate more leads from Facebook ads.

I share a example with you.

You can check more this type of ads in competitor’s facebook ads library.

Tell about your offer clearly

Imagine you are buying a product online from a website.

You are getting a good offer for that product on that website.

After knowing about the offer you immediately purchased that product from the website

But later you came to know that the offer is not the same as you saw on the website.

What will you do now?

You will now stop buying the products from the website that gave you the wrong offer.

The same thing can happen with you if you will not tell your audience about your offer clearly.

Your audience can stop buying the products from your website if you don’t tell about your offer clearly in your ad.

Always keep in mind.

Don’t try to trick your customers

Always mention true offers for your product in your ad.

Clear offers make it easy to take a quick decision for your customers if they like then they can immediately buy your product.

Upload a video that perfectly describes your offer

As I said above in this article, people read less nowadays.

And videos are the perfect medium to grab their attention.

This is because a video explains things more quickly and does not take too much time of peoples.

So if you want to generate more leads with Facebook ads then describe your offer through a video.

I explain the process

Make a video based on the offer that you are offering.

Describe everything about your offer in short.

Start creating a Facebook ad.

Add the video that you made in the ad.

Post the ad.

You have to create such a video, in which you have to describe your offer in a creative way that the audience enjoys your video while watching it.

You have to keep in mind that what you are saying in the video is true.

Tell it in very clear language so that your audience can understand it very well.

Keep checking ads to reduce CPL

Cost per lead is the amount of money a marketing business makes to purchase a new lead from the contact database.

Usually, in the sense of paying ads, people worry about CPL, but it may also refer to other marketing practices.

The CPL can be significantly reduce by doing strategic A/B split testing.

If your CPL goes high then you should start your ad optimization.

You should frequently check your because it can save you from cash burn.

Track sales of conversions offline

The thing you can do to enhance the consistency of your lead is to calculate it correctly. Our idea of a high-quality lead is a lead, which is likely to become a paid customer.

The best way to maximize your lead efficiency campaigns is to calculate how big the leads are being turned into paying customers.

Let me explain

You can track sales of conversions by plugging in your offline sources such as EPOs tills or CRM.

Getting this useful knowledge enables you to improve your lead quality campaigns based on actual sales generated.

Monitor lead performance

You will need to monitor the performance of the campaign through channels and devices to get insights.

The content you create on Google will tell you many things on Facebook or on your other digital channels about how to achieve higher quality.

With Driftrock multi-channel reporting, you can monitor campaign performance through all the lead production channels.

With this tool, you can monitor lead performance.

You can get more leads by monitoring lead performance.

Know the connection between form fields and quality

I recommend keeping the number of fields to a minimum if you are using lead ads for remarketing.

People already know your brand, so you do not have to threaten their interest by calling for more than the details you need.

Due to the fact that the lead ad forms contain most user content, it’s not so much an initiative challenge to have more form fields but one of confidence.

Request an email AND a telephone number will significantly minimize the conversion.

Only ask for the details you need and let more lead intelligence be collected over time by your marketing automation program.

Getting an ad with pre-filled fields would not simply indicate turning it away to consumers.

Let me explain

Fewer people fill out the form with more fields.

But the ones that do are of higher quality.

Try to avoid placeholders

Fewer form fields tend to less qualified leads.

If you are prepared to grow and qualify leads with a strong marketing automation platform, you will get the best of all worlds: more leads and improved quality.


Today in this article, I told you 9 ways to get more leads from your Facebook Ads. You can significantly increase your leads by following these tips.