60 Hacks To Grow Fast On Instagram

If you are just uploading random pictures or videos on Instagram and waiting that you’ll get a million followers one day.

I think it is not enough you need to do something more.

So in this article I am going to share some proven hacks.

Let’s begin..

Switch to a public profile

Switching profiles from private to the public opens a new door to success as visibility is critical when it comes to marketing on social networking sites. 

The public profile is more accessible; potential clients, customers, and leads can find out more about you by checking your profile. 

Your audience can directly come to your page, and they can notice every update on your account, and you can get more following. You can appear top on a search result, which helps you to grow. 

By checking your activities, people can easily judge that it is really beneficial to follow your account or not.

 On the other hand, if your account is private, then your audience can be confused.

Follow the account that is relevant to your account

Following the relevant account increases the chances of getting a follow back.

By following the audience you want to reach, you’re making them aware of your existence. 

You show up in their notifications as a new follower, and it’s easy for them to just press the + button to follow you as well.

I can explain this with one example.

Let’s say you are a  physical trainer and have many online fitness programs. 

And suddenly you noticed that there is another famous trainer already reached your target audience. And you both create similar content.

Now you can start following his followers. They can know about you and can be interested in following you.

Setting goals and Purpose

Goals are important to gain any real traction or results, and they give your business a direction. 

Because it can be a waste of effort without proper direction as it takes up your valuable time. 

Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely to build an active community and see actual results for your business.

It’s not easy to set social media goals as these goals can decide the time you spent on Instagram.

So take a moment to evaluate what you want to do with your Instagram account and start setting goals to achieve it. 

Typical goals should include

  • Increasing product sales
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Attracting top talent
  • Increasing brand awareness

Focus on your page's first impression

As you know, it takes very little time for users to form an opinion about your profile that determines whether they’ll stay or leave.

And you can’t change the first impression, and it often set the user’s mindset towards your profile.

On Instagram, a user follows an Instagram account only when the impression of that account’s page is useful.

So, it’s essential that you know how to create a great first impression. Here are some ways.

Write a clear bio on what you are doing.

Be strategic about the link in your bio.

Don’t always link to a sales page or sign up via email.

Post constantly.

Share both business and personal content.

Provide clear and more information about your business for authenticity.

The first impression is the last impression, so make it worth noticing.

Post content regularly

Brands that get into a regular flow with Instagram posts tend to see the best results. 

If you post daily on Instagram, You can come on top of the feed as profiles that post daily gain Instagram followers faster than those that post less frequently.

In this way, your audience’s interest can increase, and they can also follow you.

Also, sharing posts on a regular basis gives you good engagement, and Instagram’s algorithm can likely show your posts near the top of your followers’ feeds.

For this, you just have to decide a time when to post on Instagram.

You can take help from Instagram scheduling tools (free and paid).



Ss of all tool below the name

Don’t be too “salesy

Social media is about being “social” and interacting, not showcasing your latest offer or pitching your latest deal. 

It means that every time you don’t have to mention that you are selling something in your posts.

Because if you do this, then your audience can get bored, and it can create a negative impact on them.

So, Most of the time, post some useful pictures where you can tell something unique and creative.

Along with this, create a balance between providing value to your audience and promoting your products in order to ensure you don’t come across as being too “salesy” and turning people away. 

Go live on Instagram

If you want to grow your Instagram account, come live on Instagram at least three times a week.

By this process, you can tell your audience more about yourself and about your Instagram account.

This thing can allow you to make a good connection with your audience.

In live, tell your audience about something unique which they would like to listen to.

Live is great for building engagement, connecting directly with your users, sharing news, and establishing your brand.

Upload pictures and videos to your Story

Engaging your audience’s feelings—curiosity, empathy, excitement, outrage—is the most effective way to catch and keep their attention.

I’m saying this because many people know that uploading photos and videos in Instagram stories is the best way to grow your Instagram.

This is because people love to watch Instagram stories, and it is a great place to give your audience what they didn’t even know they needed.

Due to this, your Instagram account engagement can increase, and you can get some meaningful clicks.

Your Stories choices should have direct ties to your marketing goals, but you have a lot of flexibility with what kind of content you actually post. Here is an example

You can take help from Instagram story making tools.


Collaborate with social influencers

By creating meaningful collaborations with Instagrammers, you can increase your brand exposure, grow a community and build trust in your brand. 

Let me explain.

Partnering with influencers from Instagram opens lots of opportunities for your account.

It enables your account to interact directly and organically with your target audience.

If you collaborate with a brand or person, you both can create content together and can give a shoutout to each other, which helps both of you to grow.

Add hashtags to the captions of your posts

A hashtag is a label used on social media sites that makes it easier to find posts or information with a theme or contains specific content.  

Using hashtags makes it easy to cut through digital clutter and focus only on the information we really want. 

For example #shoes, it helps Instagram to understand that your post is about shoes.

Now algorithm shows your post to the people who search for #shoes that ultimately increase your post reach and engagement.

Shoes explore feed ss.

Also, people can follow their favorite hashtags like #shoes.

Shoe hashtag follows button ss.

One more important thing you should use a mixture of high and low-density hashtags because it gives the best results.

High-density hashtag ss

Low-density hashtag ss

If you find it very tricky, then you can use some tools.

Display Purpose Purpose



Go for videos and stories

As you can notice, the average engagement for videos is growing faster than the average engagement for images.

With 500 million users per day, Instagram stories have become the most common feature on the site.

Videos can resemble at the top of the Stories feed. 

And as you know, visual content attracts more viewers than any written content.

Video offers an opportunity to showcase your personality, team, and stories in a compelling manner. 

Create videos with amazing content that you want to show to your audience.

These things are very effective.

You can use some apps to edit your video like


Share user-generated content

User-generated content is very helpful for you to grow your Instagram by reaching brand-new audiences.

Because when people know about real-life experiences, they can relate their lives with them, and this way they can come again.

Also, asking for content from your followers can make a good connection between you and your followers, and because of this, your follower can connect more with you. 

I am telling you how to do that?

Talk to your users

Ask them to share their experiences with what they felt after using your brand. Here is an example.

In this way, you can get a lot of unique and often very creative content you can use on your social media.

Collaborate with other brands

Brand collaborations can include partnerships or sponsorships, and they team up to create a product offering that works across their combined audiences.

As you know, collaborations can add value to your audience, network growth, alignment opportunities, and reach a new audience.

You can do this by linking with another profile.

Tell them to post your content and tag you.

Also, do the same by sharing their post.

You can both get a new audience.

Brand collaborations are one of the most powerful, cost-effective strategies for marketing your brand.

Make Your Instagram schedule

Ideally, you should plan your Instagram content strategy in advance so that you are ready for anything, anytime.

Be ready to post more content you publish on Instagram daily.

Follow these steps to understand

Post 5-10 Instagram stories

One live video per day 

Post Branded content – promotional shots and videos, photos of your products or services, 

Post Motivational, funny, and interesting quotes

In this way, you can keep an eye on the top post and schedule accordingly.

You can keep an eye on the posts, which helps you understand what kind of content resonates with audiences.

You can take help from Instagram scheduling tools .

Use Instagram insights

Instagram Insights is an analytics tool available to every Instagram business account. 

This information lets you track and measure your Instagram marketing efforts to help you consistently improve.

Instagram Insights presents the data for you to know which posts your followers like the most.

Instagram Insights takes care of the review stage; these metrics can show you what works and what doesn’t.

You can check by the very easy process.

Go to your profile

Tap on the Instagram Insights (bar chart) icon

Scroll to the “Posts” segment and tap on “See more.”

You can see your top posts sorted by impressions. 

This thing allows you to check your growth for particular posts, and you can post accordingly.

To know more, read this.

How To Use Instagram Insights To Increase Followers?

Engage your followers

As you know, it is not enough to just post content, and you also need to engage your followers. 

Good engagement directly means that more people are interested in your content, and they actually think it is effective.

You can do this by the very easy process.

Just take out 5 minutes from your busy schedule.

Post content

Leave comments

Ask questions.

Respond to every comment you get on your content, 

Like images and videos

And so on.

It can help you to grow your Instagram engagement.

Host contests

I think contests are great options for increasing your reach on Instagram and gaining new followers.

When you run giveaways or contests, these types of fun activities attract your viewers.

And when you fix some gifts or vouchers in return, then they can try their best to bring engagement to your profile.

And you can do this very easily. For example

You can request your users to comment with their choice of emojis or tag a friend to join the contest.

When they know about these contests and the posts on your profile, they can come to your profile and choose to follow you.


Cross-post means posting the same content on different social media channels.

From this, you can promote your brand across different platforms and direct some traffic towards your Instagram account. 

Cross-posting content allows you to take a single piece of content and use it across many platforms – keeping your social media accounts active and healthy. 

This can help you to retain your existing audience, broaden your reach and attract new followers.

The process is very simple. Here I am telling the process.

Choose any post

Link your Instagram with Facebook and Twitter.

Embed Instagram photos in your blog posts. Here is an example.

It is a great tactic to get some extra exposure.

Fill out your business-related information completely

You have to write everything in your bio which is related to your business.

You have to give your number in your arms, everything, and all information about your Gmail account and website.

It is important because when anyone wants to contact you, they can do it directly from the account.

Missing information can disguise your follower, and that can stop the growth. 

So make sure you are doing it properly.

Information ss

Write your bio, phone number, Gmail, and add the URL to your website.

Doing this can help you a lot to grow your account.

Don't preach; tell stories instead

that you are selling something to them.

It can bore your audience, and they can unfollow you if they don’t like your stuff.

Tell something unique about the product to your audience. It should be unique, interesting, and informative.

Create a video in which you are telling the Story of the products and cover interesting information inside that.

Build a strong brand logo

As you know, design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

A strong brand logo fascinates your user to think about your brand as it’s the most recognizable part of your brand. 

They can get attract and follow you.

And now, if people make friends, then people can know about your Instagram account more quickly.

Your brand logo creates the perception that you are more trustworthy and accessible.

With your logo on all of these elements, your Instagram account can look very attractive. Here is an example:

You can use tools to create logo like-


Use filters on your posts

If you want to get the most out of Instagram, it pays to improve your pictures with a little technical magic before you post them.

If you add filters in your post, your audience can get more engaged with you.

These easy-to-use filters and editing tools can make your photos and videos more visually appealing.

Whenever you upload a photo on Instagram, use a good and unique filter.

If you add filters in your post, your audience can get more attracted to your pictures as it adds real-time effects.

As well as if you are uploading reels, then the filter can provide you an additional page.

Choose the right hashtags

You also have to keep in mind that if you post something on Instagram, then you should use the right hashtags in the post.

If you use hashtags on your posts, then your post becomes more searchable. 

Anyone who clicks on your chosen hashtag or searches for an Instagram hashtag that is mentioned in your post can see your post, and by this, your Instagram can grow.

Find hashtags that are not too popular. It is not an easy thing to do to try to highlight your Instagram content in a sea of millions of photos and videos.

Check the Instagram video format

If you are uploading a video on Instagram, upload that video in the right video format.

The right video format is M4.

Instagram has continuously expanded its offerings for advertisers, with each type of ad placement offering unique benefits.

Make videos that automatically blend into feeds from Instagram, ensuring they should never be too self-promotional.

As you know, the right video format supports every phone and system, and it can reach more people.

And it can get more engagement as more people can see and like your content.

And now, let me tell you how you can convert your video to MP4.

Go to https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp4

Convert your video into MP4.

Post that video on Instagram.

This how you can convert a video into MP 4

Use subtitles in Instagram video

If you are uploading any video on Instagram, keep in mind that you should also add all the subtitles.

Using Subtitles in your video can make it easier to understand your video, and this can engage more audiences.

Captions and transcripts are extremely helpful to those with learning difficulties.

Let me tell you how you can use subtitles in a video.

Download Kapwing Studio.

Upload video on Kapwing Studio.

To get started, open the ‘Subtitles’ tab in the main toolbar.

Now you can generate subtitles for your video.

Using subtitles in your video can grow your Instagram account.

Use AR filters

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that allows us to put digital objects into a real-world environment. 

These effects can improve our perception of real life in an entertaining and educational way.

While it is still most popular with younger consumers, there is a growing industry around AR filters, and several brands prefer to manufacture their own.

What’s really interesting about AR is that it allows marketers to involve consumers in a narrative in a way that wasn’t possible before. 

Let me tell you how you can use AR filters.

Open Instagram Camera.

Swipe right from the effects lists at the bottom until you see the search option.

Tap on it and look for AR filters you want to use.

This is how you can use AR filters on Instagram.

Give Gifs a chance

GIFs are effective in communicating your message quickly and succinctly. It can be easier to explain something in an image than it would be with words. 

You can use GIFs for step-by-step how-tos, quick recipes, following along with processes, or telling a story. 

By doing this, you can gain the interest of your audience, due to which your post’s engagement can increase, and your account can grow.

Let me explain

If you are uploading a story, then use gifs in it. Ss of the Story with gif If you are replying to a comment in your post, try to use a gif.


Try to grow with the help of Instagram SEO.

There are many SEO strategies available that can help you to grow your Instagram account.

Let me tell you how you can grow your Instagram with the help of SEO.

Optimize your Instagram profile. 

Include your primary keyword in your username. 

Use your secondary keywords in the bio. 

Treat your hashtags as keywords.

Use secondary keywords in your image captions.

This is how you can grow your Instagram with the help of SEO.

Partner with micro-influencers to create brand authenticity

Micro-influencers constitute individuals with a small but significant follower number who have built engaged and passionate communities around niche topics.

Micro-influencer marketing is all about reaching an engaged audience that is big enough to still have an impact. 

News marketers have found that partnering with multiple micro-influencers can often be much more cost-effective than spending a big budget on a macro influencer.

The cost-effectiveness of micro-influencers also means that brands can choose to work with several micro-influencers over time and reach more of an engaged audience in the long run.

The audiences of micro-influencers are often heavily engaged, close-knit tribes that focus on particular interests or topics. Here is an example of a macro influencer.

There are has good site to find micro influencers.


Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers

Instagram is an awesome free advertising platform, but you should still try to switch your followers to an email list.

Because you can share your regulars updates, posts, links, and so many more on their mail. They can quickly notice and come to your page. 

This can also improve the reach of your account, and it can appear on top.

Let me show you how to turn followers from Instagram into email subscribers now.

Give something to your followers 

Like e-book, courses, and training videos.

Or you can give them a subscription option with your email address.

Create a Landing Page.

Create & Connect An Email List. 

This is how you can convert Instagram followers into email subscribers.

There are has best tool for Landing page creation and email autoresponder.


Add a link to Instagram Stories

You can add links that are relevant to your Instagram audience in your Instagram stories.

People notice Instagram stories quicker than the post because it appears on top of the feed.

Engaging your followers is much easier when you can use Instagram’s swipe-up feature to add a link right to your Instagram Story. 

It can also save the time of the user rather than going on the profile and click to link.

And when they are checking the story section, and if they suddenly see the swipe up a link on your Story, then maybe they can get curious to know.

In this way, more and more people can click on the link and reach you.

Use emojis effectively

You have to use emojis effectively to engage with your audience.

As emojis are the creature that makes anything more interesting and worth noticing.

Correct emojis can express your feelings, and you can tell your actual emotions to your users.

You can make your caption more interesting with the help of emojis.

Promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts

Promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts like Facebook, What’s App, Twitter, etc.

By doing this, your account engagement can increase, and you can start gaining new followers.

Let me explain to you how you can promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts.

Share your Instagram posts on every social media account you have.

If people like your post on different social media accounts, then they can also follow you on Instagram.

Remember one thing always use a watermark in your post, so people can easily find you on Instagram if they like your content.

Add CTAs, everywhere

Call to action may be inserted into your profile, pictures, or sub-pictures, using the official CTA buttons available to Instagram companies.

Also, you should add strong CTA’s in your post.

Strong CTA’s encourage followers to take any action on your post.

And this is the most direct way to increase engagement rates and drive followers in some ways.

I am sharing some examples of strong CTA’s.

So never forget CTA.

Track your best-performing Instagram content

Go to the insights and see which of your post performed better.

And to find the post, analyze that post, what you did in it, why it performed so well.

And if you know, that thing then does the same thing in your upcoming posts.

To check your best-performed post. 

Go to your Instagram account.

Go to settings.

Go to insights.

Check which of your posts performed well.

Optimize your Instagram account

In order to gain Instagram’s potential customer base, it’s important to create an Instagram profile that successfully captures the attention of target audience members.  

Optimization can be done according to your audience’s interests and likings and also make your account look worth noticing.

You can follow these steps to optimize your Instagram profile

  • Make Sure You Have an Instagram Business Profile
  • Choose a Username That’s Simple, Recognizable, and easy to Find
  • Select an Easily Searchable Business Name
  • Use a Branded Instagram Profile Picture
  • Write an Informative and Intriguing Bio

Optimization can help you to achieve your goals more quickly and increase the engagement of your account.

Schedule Instagram posts

The best way to save time on the site to concentrate on what counts is to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

As you know, perfect planning is everything.

When you schedule the post according to time, it can improve the chances of ranking high and appear on top. 

People can also notice this, and they can come again to your profile. 

I am telling you how you can schedule Instagram posts.

To your social media management platform, add your Instagram profile.

Compose your post

Schedule your post. 

Publish your post.

Turn Brand Advocates into Marketers

When your most loyal, valuable satisfied customers market your products and services for free, then it is known as brand advocacy.

It is the most powerful way to market your business and is done by influencers.

Highly satisfied customers tell other people about products or services they use without any incentives. 

This marketing strategy is highly effective because the opinions of these brand advocates have a huge influence on your target audience.

They also offer advice to other consumers as well.

In return, you can reward them for loyalty to their promotional efforts.

Offer them some gifts, commissions, or other incentives 

Remove fake Instagram followers

Fake followers will not engage with your posts in any way and are of no value to your profile.

As you know, there are many scams going on in today’s times, and these fake followers can create scams with your profile. 

They will also decrease the value and genuineness of your profile.

So you should be aware of them.

Here are some ways to determine fake followers from your account.

  1. Check Out Their Followers

If they have Followers with No Photos or Posts and Irrelevant and/or Spam Comments, then high chances are of being fake.

  1. Check Follower Engagement

Instagram accounts with many followers and very low engagement rates likely have a bunch of fake followers. So you can notice.

  1. Use an Automated Tool

There are best tools available to help determine whether an influencer’s followers are fake.

Social Audit Pro

So removing fake followers improves the value of your account, and you can reach a more real audience.


A conversation is one of the easiest ways to make users aware of your Instagram.

Through a good conversation, you can connect to your audience directly. 

With the help of proper conversation, you can know what type of content your audience is liking or which type of content they relate to.

You can know about their choices, interests, and feelings so that you can work accordingly. 

And by knowing this, you can modify your profiles according to your audience’s likes and interests.

You can create great conversation by doing these things like;

Try to answer as many questions or comments as possible.

Answer as soon as possible to messages from your followers.

Always value your followers.

Give something to make your Instagram followers happy

If you want to keep your Instagram followers happy, then give something to your Instagram account.

When you give something to your audience of Instagram accounts, then it can engage more target audiences for your Instagram account. 

You can run any contest or any game where you can ask something or tell them to do any task.

And according to that, you can decide a winner, and you can give something.

It can be gifts, chocolates or anything you want.

It will keep them engaged, and with these interesting activities, they will create a great bond.

Keep analyzing your contents

Content analysis allows you to closely examine the content you’re publishing and how effective it is. 

You have to keep analyzing your content to know how your audience shows their interest.

When you analyze any content, it provides valuable historical and cultural insights over time and allows closeness to data.

Content analysis also helps you identify gaps in your content and figure out what you should prioritize and what you should eliminate.

 It also allows you to understand your customers more thoroughly, investigating their viewpoints on content that is already existing.

These are some steps you can follow to analyze your content.

Go to your Instagram account.

Go to your profile.

Go to insights.

Analysis of your contents.

You can check your post’s likes, shares, and comments so that you can identify which post is performing better.

So you can modify your posts or plan your posts accordingly for higher engagement.

This is how you can analyze your content.

Stay consistent with some topic

If you have created your Instagram on a particular topic, you should stay consistent towards the same topic.

Because when you stay consistent, people can relate to your account, and they can like your consistency.

I can explain this more clearly,

When people want to go for particular content, then they will only come to your page without going anywhere, and they will stick to you.

This can bring more following and engagement.

But when you change your content, then maybe they don’t find this useful, and they can unfollow you or will be least interested in your content.

So, you should always post the content on the decided topic.

Early engagement

If you are putting a post on Instagram, you should first notify your audience that you are posting something in a while.

By doing this, your audience will be interested in knowing what you are going to post.

You can notify your audience through live sessions or by writing something exciting in your story.

This can engage your audience and make them fascinating with your account.

You can do early engagement with your audience.

Go to your Instagram account.

Start uploading a story.

In the Story, tell your audience that you are going to post something very soon.

Upload story.

By doing this, you can early engage with your audience.

Don't post at the wrong time

You never have to post at the wrong time in battle.

Like I said above, you have to create a specific time to post on Instagram.

This can let your audience know when you post on Instagram usually, and it will be scheduled.

If you remove your specific time and post it at another time, it can negatively affect your audience.

If you have a specific time to post, then please post your content during that time.

If you post your content at different times, you can probably lose some likes on that post.

You can experiment with different posting times to see what results in the best response for your industry or vertical.

Do like and reply to comments

If your audience makes a good comment on your post, then you can have to reply to that comment and also like that comment.

By doing this, your audience can feel that you want to connect with them.

It can create a beautiful bond between you and your audience, and they will be more likely to relate with you.

Always show some interest in your audience’s activity towards your page.

This can engage your audience, and they will come again to like and comment on your post.

Make sure you are always giving a reply to those who are commenting and also like them.

Create an eye-catching Post

You have to keep in mind that whatever you create for Instagram, your audience has to like it, and their interest should be dragged towards your posts.

When the user finds any eye-catching content, they will take much more interest in your profile.

They can come again to check more attractive and unique posts, and it will boost your engagement.

Due to this, your account can grow.

You can easily create eye-catching posts. I am telling you how

Always use high-quality images.

Always use high-quality video. 

Always use good filters in your images. 

Always create posts relevant to the audience.

From your profile, delete unnecessary tagged images of you

Sometimes you got tagged on a photo and didn’t know who tagged you or what the photo is all about.

But this thing can make your profile look very bad and unusual, as there are so many things that you don’t want. 

It can also create a bad impression of your profile, and there are chances your audience can unfollow you.

Check your profile very carefully and if you find anything unwanted, then just remove them. 

It will save you from clearing unnecessary clutter from your profile, and you can make it more unique.

Removing ss

Have a unique Instagram theme

You have to create a unique theme for your Instagram account to attract a larger audience base.

As you know, the first impression always matters.

So when you create an amazing and unique theme, it can fascinate users towards your account, and they can notice your content more quickly.

And this is important to improve the reach and engagement of your post.

You can easily create a unique theme for your Instagram account. 

Create a unique brand logo.

Create posts in unique ways.

For example – use different filters.

Create videos with a unique slideshow.

Get local to grow Instagram

Get local to grow your Instagram account to gain more local followers.

Because locals know you better and about your services also, so it becomes easy to get a follow back.

Your local following is much more likely to return time after time. And that’s what you want.

You can get the following benefits to get local.

  • It helps you gain trust with your customers or potential customers
  • Spreads word of mouth
  • Gets foot traffic to your business
  • Creates a sense of community and branding

To find local followers for your Instagram account, there are some things you will need to do.

You can follow these steps to attract a local audience.


Use Local Hashtags.

Join Local influencers.

Do a local giveaway.

Share engaging, high-quality content

Engaging and high-quality content helpful in gaining more search engine credibility, providing better service to your customers, and reaching a larger online audience 

You can build trust with your audience, improve conversions, connect with customers, and generate leads with engaging content.

Just make sure your content is relevant, unique, and original.

If visitors find your content to be relevant, they are much more likely to share it. 

In your post, tell something beneficial to your audience.

One more thing, you have to make sure that you’re thinking in terms of what your audience would want to see, instead of only thinking about what you want them to see.

Give a shout out to the best comments

If someone has commented something unique on your Instagram post or has made some good comments, then share that comment on your Instagram story.

And mention the user whose comment you are sharing on your Story.

By doing this, your audience can know that you are taking an interest in their activities and sharing them also.

People will be fascinated by your profile as you are also giving them a priority.

They will come again on your page, and it can bring more engagement and reach to your profile.

People will take more interest in liking, commenting, and sharing your content.

Post content that is relevant to your audience

mediator of that relationship. 

Content relevancy can be defined as how your audience can relate to topics, issues, needs, or interests.

I am telling you this in a more efficient way.

Whenever a user visits your content, they have a specific goal in mind, even if that goal is just to learn more about you. 

How well your content helps them accomplish that goal is hugely important to how effective your content is overall. 

When your audience finds your content relevant and shares it with others, then that post can engage more audience, and because of this, your Instagram account can grow.

Just do some basic things.

Create content with relevant information.

You can also tell your point of sarcasm way.

Create an animated video in which you are explaining something.

People like this video in which animation is used.

Use the Instagram nametag

I think Nametag works by showing your username on your phone in a format that allows users to quickly scan your code without having to add or type any information.

They immediately have the option to view your profile or follow you.

And maybe, people are lazy to type and search for you, but thanks to the nametags, they don’t have to think twice. 

Nametags can be used in networking, conferences/corporate events, print, emails, or at physical locations to help boost your following.

Nametags can also be customized with additional designs, colors, and stickers.

You can use this feature very easily. Let me tell you how.

Go to your profile, 

Hit the menu button on the top right

Select “Nametag” to display your code.

It grows your Instagram strategy by making it easy for the audience to follow you.

Encourage others to tag you

As you know, it is one of the most effective growth tactics you can use.

When someone tags you in a post, they can inform their friends and family that they are using your services. 

In this way, your post can reach more people, and they can follow you.

It also improves the engagement and performance of your page.

Just tell your users to share your content.

And tell them to tag you on their Instagram feed.

It is free advertising and a great recommendation by a customer.

Use interactivity features

The interactivity feature is designed to increase engagement and relationships on the platform.

 It is really helpful in contributing to higher participation, and that leads to greater conversion and longer-term brand satisfaction.

You can use interactive features to modify your Instagram Stories, including location-based hashtags, clickable links, poll stickers, and question stickers according to your needs.

Interactivity features can do so much more for you like

Captures more data.

Increase brand loyalty.

These features are designed to encourage conversation on or off the platform.

Tag locations

Adding a location to an Instagram photo or video can be useful for letting your followers know where you are without stating it in the caption.

It also helps your engagement rate on Instagram, and it can give you more exposure and attract customers with minimal effort.

Adding a location makes it easier for you to reach potential customers, as well as for users to find you. 

I am explaining how it is done,

Usually, you tag any particular location of any place.

And when people can search for that particular location, they can find your post there as you tagged that location.

In this way, your post can reach more people, and engagement can increase.

It also ensures that your content shows up in more searches.

So if you want to be found, you have to make sure your location is correctly tagged


If you successfully implement some of these hacks. Then I am damn sure that you will see some significant difference in your followers.