35 Awesome Ways To Get Content Ideas For Instagram

Today in this post I am going to share 35 ways to get great content ideas for Instagram.

Some are extensively used, some are rare.

Some ideas can be common and some can be new, but you are definitely going to learn a lot about content production.

Let’s begin…

1. Get ideas from the Instagram competitors

You can go through your competitor’s profile to get the best ways to come up with long lists of topics in bunches.

You don’t have to steal something from their profile neither has to plagiarize. But you can check their titles and concepts for idea generation.

This is very simple. I am explaining below.

Just go through their posts and check for the topics you haven’t covered. You can also try to make your post about the same topic even better than theirs. 

For example

You can use the top ten list from a competitor’s blog as a motivation for a new content idea. In that case, you can try to write them by creating a top 15 list on a similar topic.

Along with this, you can check their comments

The FAQ page on their site if they have

These questions can be your next idea for the points you can write about.

2. Search for topics on forums

Searching for content ideas on forums is a very much time-consuming process compared to other ways. Still, it is very useful in getting many content ideas for your next Instagram posts.

It also helps in receiving a lot of information to include in the actual posts. 

I am explaining this more clearly below.

There are various sources available on the forum that can help make educational and explanatory perspectives. So you can create content accordingly. 

Firstly, you can start with services like Quora, finding a couple of relevant categories or keywords, and you can get a lot of questions-answers for all imaginable topics.

For example

You should search for topics related to your field or on which you can elaborate.

This can help the audience understand how something works and get tips on carrying it out themselves.

As we all know, Instagram users are more interested in reading posts that offer solutions to their problems. 

3. Search on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that just not only gives all types of pictures related to your query but also is a fountain of creative content ideas with interesting information ‘pinned’ from all over the world.

You can get so many content ideas for topics like cooking, fashion and style, travel, home design, fitness and beauty, and so many more.

Let me explain the process you can follow.

When you sign up, Pinterest will provide you with various topics that you can subscribe to. And the posts published related to the selected categories will come on your feed, just like your Instagram. 

You can check the example below.

There is one more feature, when you fill your boards with some ‘pins’ of your relevant topic, then Pinterest will offer more similar posts. You can take so many relevant content ideas with these pins.

It is a time-consuming process, but the result is worth it — you will get an inexhaustible source of new ideas.

These Pinterest posts contain links to the source, which are usually articles, so you can also refer to them.

4. Ask your audience

Engaging with your audience can help you to create more specific content.

You can engage with your audience by asking them a quick question.

It can be anything designed as a fun way to start communication to know about their thoughts. 

This is very process; I am telling you how you can do this.

Just simply post a question on your social media profiles. 

For example

“Which type of content do you want to see us sharing?”


“Which niche entertains you most?”

If you like open-ended replies, then you can post a question, as that will be great.

And if you have a slight sense of the interest of your audience, you can create a poll and list a few options. 

For example

And according to the selected options by your audience, you can get many creative ideas to post about.

5. Search by keywords

There is one more way to know the interests of your target Instagram audience are to run a search by relevant keywords. 

These keywords will give you a variety of related articles and contents to take ideas from.

This process is extremely popular and easy to do.

I am explaining.

Firstly, you need to come up with 5–10 keywords related to your business (which you already know and use in your captions). 

Then you have to research the keywords either through Google or by using a more advanced SEO tool. 

Type your keywords one by one to see what other related queries were searched by, and get a list of similar ideas for content. 

By clicking through them, you will get an idea of what is very popular in your field and what topics didn’t get enough coverage yet.  

Through this process, you can find so many ideas and cover this with your excellence.

6. Follow trends

This approach needs continuous monitoring of world events and new widespread information. 

Because if you want to stay updated with the latest trends, you have to keep working for it.

Let me explain in detail.

Following trends will help you to get a general sense of what is going on in the market currently.

Along with this, you will get ideas about the types of content to post. Maybe, it can’t be very specific to your audience, but it can still be helpful.

Just start searching for interesting topics on Twitter, Google Trends or social media and follow them.

For example, 

The top content format now is video because video posts have the highest average engagement and twice the level of engagement of other post types on average.”

7. Surveys

As you know, people want to be asked about their opinion as it makes them feel that they are essential, and many social media platforms make it easy to do that. 

Instagram gives many features for quick and interactive ways to survey your followers about what’s essential for them and what they want to see next.

In this way, you will receive requests about their opinions and interest, and you can cover the content according to that.

It is effortless to do that. I am telling you how.

You can interact with your followers via polls and surveys on most prominent social media sites like Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Twitter.

Just think about how you can make these polls and surveys fun and make the input feel meaningful.

For example

Ask your followers which colour an upcoming product should be.

Allow your audience to guess or vote for the next topic. 

You can also use the “Question” sticker to ask what you should post about. 

When you get so many requests to cover the same topics, you can continue by engaging the followers and determining what’s essential for them, too, with the Quiz and Poll stickers.

8. Get idea from Comments on posts

Comments can be a fantastic source of inspiration and information as it includes your audience’s views on your posts. These comments give you a chance to communicate with your audience.

One of the best things is that it is a never-ending source. As long as you keep publishing new posts, people will comment, and there will always be new hidden content ideas in those comments.

Let me explain this more clearly.

When the audience asks questions in the comments section, you can use those questions as titles for your new topic. It will just need to twist few words or so to make your content SEO friendly.

For example

Always reply to the comments as you can bring out new concepts from those comments to write about.

You can generate approx. one or two ideas from the comment section of each post you publish regardless of what your audience writes in the comments.

Just review the comments on all your posts. You should do that even when you are not trying to find new ideas.

9. Get an idea from recent news

You can share thrilling news about your company on your social media feeds but make sure to personalize it. 

For example, 

You can share a photo of your team honouring winning a big new client or an industry award.

Or they are introducing a new product or alive hire, rather than just posting a link to the press release.

You can use this type of news to create amazing content for your Instagram; just narrate them properly.

Company updates are very much important on Twitter, where 40% of users are there for breaking news.

For example

Mysa, a business that makes smart thermostats, declared a round of hiring by talking about their values and sharing a team photo.

10. Google search suggestions

Google is one of the most prominent research tools where you can nearly search for anything.

It is extremely easy to use because of its well know features that includes search suggestions.

Here is an example

Ss of the topic with the suggestion

You can start searching for topics on Google if you have got any general topic in mind.

Like this

Just look at all the suggested topics that come up when you type anything.

These suggestions could be your next topic to cover.

You can also check the related searches at the bottom of your search page.

In case if you are not sure about what to search for to generate these suggestions, you can start with content titles that you have already posted.

There is a reason that this is a good strategy because you know the topics will be related to your audience.

Additionally, these new titles will be SEO friendly because you searched them through Google.

11. By talking to your family and friends

Family and friends are your best support system in every situation of your life.

In case you are struggling with something, just ask them for their thoughts. It will be beneficial to you. Check if they have any questions or suggestions. 

You can use their opinions and suggestions to create new ideas for your next content. 

And if you have something in mind but are not clear what to write, you can discuss the topic with them. You will come up with a fantastic conclusion.

As you know, they just want you to succeed in your field, and they will be so much happy to get your brain working again. 

Their opinion will help you see something from a different perspective, leading to fantastic content.

12. Get idea from life lessons

You have come across so many things in life that changed your life, and you can use these things to make great content. 

People like inspiring and life-changing stories. If something negative happens, telling your story can help them if they are going through similar situations.

So you can use these inspiring stories to create fantastic content and gain a good following. You can increase their interest in your page.

Everything doesn’t need to be about you; it could be something you have read or something your friend has experienced.

For example,

You can write about “the incident in family that changed your life”.

The lessons learned from your parents, family, and friends taught you throughout life can lead to amazing content. 

The audience will love hearing the knowledge our elders have shared with us and with others.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Look at your competitor’s newsletters; specifically, look at the signup forms. 

You have to go through what the competitor is offering in return for signup.

Knowing your competitor will help you to create better things for your audience.

Here is an example

You can take an idea that what you can offer to your audience for better engagement.

It can be a guide or e-book, and that it’s important so that you can create something similar or even better.

14. Get idea from customer reviews

It is an excellent source of unique ideas to create content.

You can go through customer service, but if you get reviews via email or on your website, it will be more helpful.

Like this

You can use customer reviews to create meaningful and compelling content; I am telling you how.

Any questions your customers ask or any review they will give can lead to content, but you have to pay attention to your customers’ language.

It may be slightly different from the terms you use generally, but you can take an idea from this and cover the topic accordingly. 

Always use the terms your customers use when they are discussing your industry and product.

For example,

In the shoe business, you have to figure out if customers used the word “loafer” more or less than “slip-on.” 

15. Search from famous quotes and sayings

Quotes are always famous when they are combined with your audience’s interests and your brand mission.

You have to look for some new quotes to motivate you, and you will find inspiration for content frequently.

Inspirational quotes are an excellent way to show what you are working towards, but you can create your quotes in a special way for fantastic content.

Here is an example

The audience loves a good inspirational or motivational quote. No matter from which field you are, there are so many great quotes that suit the niche that you can cover.

You have to get creative with these quotes ideas to be specific and attractive.

16. An Idea Notebook or Journal

As you know, songwriters typically carry around notebooks to write down random thoughts, lines, and ideas. They later use these written thoughts to create entire songs.

The same happens in the field of the content field.

You can start today by getting a notebook, and then you can add your everyday thoughts to create potential content ideas. 

Here is an example

There are chances that most of the ideas won’t work out probably, but you don’t need every thought to be a winner to succeed with content marketing.

Just carry your thoughts wisely and beautifully narrate them.

17. Search from local newspapers

The stories in local newspapers are interesting because they are created with the opinions of various editors, and you can take advantage of them.

Let me tell you in detail.

Newspaper stories highlight what someone wanted to know in detail, but they didn’t get from the story or article. 

In that case, you can use that content and fill the blanks with your unique content to make it more exciting and easy to understand. 

Just look for news about exciting developments in upcoming conferences, or positive work done by related organizations, thoughts, local news, and so many more. 

Here are the examples

These stories can expand your social reach and open the door to various content ideas for you.

18. Get idea from Popular Posts on Your Site

You can take ideas from old popular posts that are posted on your profile. 

You can find these popular posts using your Instagram insights.

Here is an example

Ss of popular posts

A great way to ensure you have new content to post periodically is to develop a new content series with your old posts. 

How can you do this?

I am explaining

Popular posts help you understand your audience’s interest and likes, and you can use them for your benefit.

Just put these ideas to work and let that creative block be a thing of the past.

You have endless possibilities if you have evergreen material to take ideas from.

19. Get an idea from YouTube

YouTube is an excellent tool for uploading videos and entertaining people and giving them knowledge for what they want.

But YouTube can also be a source for finding up with new content ideas for Instagram.

I am explaining to you how you can find new ideas. Read below to know.

You can use this tool the same as Google and take benefit of its related search functions.

You just have to start writing in a search phrase about whatever comes to your mind, and you will get lots of suggestions related to that.

These suggestions can function as concrete topic ideas.

Here is an example

Along with this, when you watch a video on YouTube, there will be related videos on the sidebar to consider for new ideas.

You can also watch these videos to find some inspiration within their content.

One more thing you can do to get more ideas, read below to know.

You should also go through the comments section of YouTube videos to help generate new ideas.

20. Search from online groups

Social media groups act like niche forums as people discuss industries, interests, and many more topics in these groups.

By joining these online groups in your topical area, you can find many potential content ideas.

You just have to work on the things like,

You have to look for the groups that don’t allow lots of article sharing because there are more chances of spam content. 

Just look for groups that have a lot of questions, answers and valuable information.

Here is an example

In those groups, follow the discussions to see what people are struggling with, which questions they have etc. And you can cover these points in your next content.

In this way, you can find many problems to solve for your audience that ultimately makes a great base for your next blog post.

21. Conduct interviews

Interviews allow us to talk to interesting people because everyone has a unique perspective to offer on something. 

Maybe they are just narrating their own stories about their experiences, but it can lead to inspiration for a new content idea. 

So interview someone to know more about the things going on near you, but have to keep some things in mind and they are as follows:

You can discuss with them on the phone, in person or over email. 

Just ask few questions regarding the information you want.

Use the discussion as inspiration for a new content idea.

You will be surprised to know how interesting some of these statements can be. These people can give you new content ideas without even realizing it.

If you can record the interviews of the people, then you should do this.

In this way, you can reconsider them later instead of trying to write things down while someone is speaking.

22. Recent events

You can find various ways to get creative by looking up local events or national trade shows near you.

Many things happen in these events because many people come, attend, and there are various activities.

So you can bring out amazing ideas from them.

If you are not getting my point, then don’t worry,

I am explaining

You can come up with ways to get creative. 

When you are watching the news or reading updates from an online source about any event, then you should attend the event if possible.

You have to examine everything closely and try to figure out how you can make these topics relevant to your content.

23. Get idea from Personal stories

Telling about your personal story is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. 

Personal stories are amazing because they make your content very unique and exciting. There are chances that people may have the same stories as you, but the details of yours won’t be the same as anyone else’s.

Let me tell you this more clearly.

When you doubt and then tell something that happened to you, it will come out as great content.

You can write many things; it could be a success story or maybe tell your audience a story about a mistake you made.

Here is example

You can write about any experience you had felt and how you learned from it or how you got to be where you are today.

It can be a new story or one from the past, but you have to master the art of storytelling.

As we all know, vulnerability is a great connector. So, if your content idea is not working correctly, think about your life experience.

24. Use data and analytics

You can use any research data and analytics to get new content ideas for posting content on Instagram. 

You don’t need to research, but you can use new data to write about a subject to save time.

Just remember to keep your graphic simple because people will view it in a small size.

For example, 

Let’s say you’re in the fashion industry. Then use the data of that industry.

You can use this study to talk about fashion trends, or maybe you can share ideas about how to wear a loose tie with the top shirt button unfastened or something like that.

You can also share a video giving a demo about how to tie a tie properly or wear anything.

All these ideas came from new facts in your industry.

Similarly, you can find many new ideas in different fields and cover them accordingly.

25. Reuse previously published content

The content you had written before should not be dead and forgotten. You can use those topics for new ideas too.

You can take some of the content from that piece and write a new article but don’t plagiarize. 

Like this

This is very easy to do, I am telling you how.

For example,

Just assume your company is in the field of mobile app marketing, and if you had already written a post about how to get ranked on the app store, a new topic could be about how to boost your ranking to get more downloads.

You just have to work again on the titles and write a fresh post from a different angle and perspective.

The topics are similar, but the content will not be the same.

If your old post has old research content, in that case, you can write a fresh one that has the updated information.

26. Get idea from live videos

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, going live on your social media profiles allows your audience to engage and connect with you.

Engaging and connecting are both critical for getting new ideas for your future content.

Let me explain,

You can do a Q&A with your followers; interview with a super fan or influencer. These activities allow you to get new ideas from your audience.

A cool thing about Instagram Live is that you can save the Lives as IGTV videos so they can live on forever. 

In this way, your live sessions will be safe on your profile, and you can use them in future also to bring out the best ideas.

Like this

27. Get ideas from Twitter conversations

Nowadays, People are fond of Twitter, and they go for breaking news, but Twitter can also be a fantastic place to communicate with your customers and create new thoughts. 

Hosting Twitter chats allow you to have in-depth conversations with your audience about any subject related to your field. 

You can check the below points to know more about this.

These chats help you to know about your audience’s point of view in a different manner.

Tweets received during Twitter chats can be converted into branded and unique content pieces for your next post.

Like this

These chats may happen naturally, or you can create yourself just to take your audience thoughts out.

28. New products and technology

If your company sells a new product or something, then writing content about a new product is the best thing.

It does not matter from which field you belong or what type of business you have; new technology is developing everywhere worldwide.

First, you can generate a buzz for the release of the new product, which will drive sales, and it also gives you something to write about.

For example

Additionally, staying up to date with the latest technology trends allows you to develop new topics to cover.

In recent times, there are so many new software available directly related to your business or just a general advancement in your industry. 

These are all scenarios to consider sharing with your audience in a content format.

29. Get idea from famous theories

Do you have any famous theories in your industry? 

These theories can inspire you to create unique stories for your Instagram post.

Let me tell you this more clearly,

It can be an old rule that everyone follows or people following something for ages.

For example

You can also create a new rule by your content that is better than what everyone has been doing for the last few decades.

Or you can also find a famous theorem from science, like the law of gravity, and apply it to your industry.

Just look for the things passionately, and you will get amazing things to cover.

30. Search from Photo sharing websites (Flickr, Facebook, etc.)

You can take motivation from pictures more than just text or any written things. 

Sometimes a photo can spark a creative and exciting idea for you to write. 

Visual storytelling is an essential part of human knowledge dating back to cave representations. 

When it comes to narrating a story, pictures have an engaging narrative, a relatable character, and a meaningful setting.

Facebook and Flickr galleries can work best for you to get creative content ideas.

Here is an example

31. Search from magazines

Magazines are a great source of extraordinary ideas narrated beautifully. You just have to look closely to get new ideas from it.

In case if you follow famous psychology blogs, magazines, and other publications, you can find excellent studies about all kinds of things. 

For example

So you can take inspiration from them and write a beautiful context from this.

You can start whole content parts from a study. 

You also can collect studies and researches on any specific topic and make a very compelling piece of content.

32. Use a research tool

There is a lengthy research process involved in creating new content ideas, levelling up from the competition, and identifying the right target keywords.

But some research tools available in the market can do the best job and help you find the best contents to take an idea from.

You can use any content research tool like Buzzsumo.

Let me explain this more clearly.

Buzzsumo is the tool that works just like google for the most shared content. You can find any type of keywords (e.g. “digital marketing”), and the tool will show you the most shared content related to that keyword.

You just have to check the results and see if you can identify the popular topics around that particular keyword, and you can cover them accordingly.

Like this

This is also an excellent way to search for quality content to share on your social media profiles. 

33. Before and After Transformations of Products

You have to take note that has something changed at your company or within your industry? The change can create an exciting story.

Just look around the things and write down the transformations of your products. 

Later you can use these written points and beautifully arrange them and write a compelling story.

For example

If you are writing about the shoe industry, you can first mention raw materials and final products.

34. Difficult Decisions

Many things in life challenge you in so many life situations, and finding a solution for them is difficult for people.

You have to notice what the most difficult decisions your customers face in your industry are? 

Please find a few of these and discuss how your customers can make the best decisions for them.

You can give solutions to their problems in your content, and then it will become much more valuable content.

35. Research Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to engage with your audience using these networks they already know and adore. 

You can go for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, Google+, or whatever your audience is already using. 

Social media is a terrific channel for content distribution, and you can take advantage of it.

This is very easy to do; I am explaining how you can do this.

Just prepare a list of your ideal readers that includes your best customers or ideal customers. You can follow them and take note of the content they engage with. 

You can use that content for future reference for your next Instagram post.

And if you have a lot of social media followers, you will always have a massive source of new content ideas.

You can also ask your followers directly by posting a question on your Instagram story and ask for replies.

For example, 

Let’s say you have a brand related to the clothing industry. 

Just ask your followers a question about their favourite type of cloth or what they can wear for their special occasion. 

The answers will help you come across some fantastic and new content ideas.


You should never struggle to come up with fresh content ideas.

There are many resources you can go for; just learn how to take advantage of them.

Go through this guide of tips and tricks, and you won’t have any problems, and you can come up with a long list of new ideas at once.